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UniDive 1st general meeting - selected abstracts

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As a response to the call for abstracts, we received 66 abstract submissions, 3 were withdrawn. We selected 40 abstracts, the acceptance rate was 62,5%. The selected abstracts will be presented on Thursday:

  • in plenary booster sessions (1 minute per poster)
  • in classical poster sessions

Instructions for abstract presenters have been published.

Session A

  1. Unconventional Constructions in Multilingual Communication: A Construction Grammar Perspective - A. Seza Doğruöz (abstract, poster, slide)
  2. Quantifying intra-linguistic diversity: Case study of multiword expressions - Agata Savary, Yagmur Ozturk, Adam Lion-Bouton (abstract, poster, slide)
  3. Detecting patterns of implicit offensive language in multilingual data - Ana Ostroški Anić, Kristina Strkalj Despot, Luka Terčon (abstract, poster, slide)
  4. LMF Revisited - Anas Fahad Khan, Laurent Romary, Francesca Frontini (abstract, poster, slide)
  5. DRIPPS: Annotated corpus with discourse relations in Perfect Participial Sentences - António Leal, Purificação Silvano, João Cordeiro (abstract, poster, slide)
  6. Investigating UD Treebanks via Dataset Difficulty Measures - Artur Kulmizev, Joakim Nivre (abstract, poster, slide)
  7. Graph analysis of the dependency-based lexical structures - Benedikt Perak (abstract, poster, slide)
  8. Multi-layer querying in Corpora: Example of Parseme and UD - Bruno Guillaume (abstract, poster, slide)
  9. Lemmatisation of MWEs in Dutch resources - Carole Tiberius, Lut Colman (abstract, poster, slide)
  10. The ELEXIS parallel sense-annotated corpus - Simon Krek, Carole Tiberius, Kaja Dobrovoljc, Polona Gantar, Jelena Kallas, Kristina Koppel, Svetla Peneva Koeva, Veronika Lipp, László Simon (abstract, poster, slide)
  11. OntoLex-FrAC: Standardizing the Corpus-Lexicon Interface - Christian Chiarcos, Anas Fahad Khan, Maxim Ionov, Elena Simona Apostol, Besim Kabashi, Ciprian-Octavian Truica, Katerina Gkirtzou (abstract, poster, slide)
  12. Multiword Expressions - Comparative Analysis Based on Aligned Corpora - Cvetana Krstev, Ranka Stanković, Aleksandra Marković (abstract, poster, slide)
  13. “Subword Relations - Superword Features” - Daniel Zeman (abstract, poster, slide)
  14. On the Intra- and Inter-linguistic Challenges of Multilingual Silver-Data Creation and Disambiguation Biases - Edoardo Barba, Niccolò Campolungo, Simone Tedeschi, Roberto Navigli (abstract, poster, slide)
  15. Dodiom: a Gamified Bot supporting Diversity and Multilinguality for Idiom Corpora Construction - Gülşen Eryiğit, Ali Şentaş, Johanna Monti (abstract, poster, slide)
  16. Some steps towards the UNIDIVE BLARK: revising Latvian language resources and tools - Inguna Skadina, Laura Rituma, Baiba Valkovska Saulīte, Lauma Pretkalniņa (abstract, poster, slide)
  17. Quantifying verbal behavior in search of grammatical creativity - Ittamar Erb, Shahar Spencer, Nurit Melnik, Gabriel Stanovsky (abstract, poster, slide)
  18. Conceptual Description of Verbs and its Semantic and Syntactic Features - Ivelina Stoyanova, Svetlozara Leseva (abstract, poster, slide)

Session B

  1. Nucleus Composition in Transition-Based Dependency Parsing - Joakim Nivre (abstract, poster, slide)
  2. STARK: A Tool for Dependency Tree Extraction and Analysis - Kaja Dobrovoljc, Luka Krsnik, Marko Robnik-Šikonja (abstract, poster, slide)
  3. Superframes for Consistent and Comprehensive Semantic Role Annotation - Kilian Evang (abstract, poster, slide)
  4. Doubling the Amount of Training Data: Does It Help? A New Training Corpus for Slovene and Its Impact on Automatic UD Annotation - Luka Terčon, Nikola Ljubešić, Kaja Dobrovoljc (abstract, poster, slide)
  5. Towards a Universal Dependencies Treebank for Gujarati - Maitrey Mehta, Mayank Jobanputra, Cagri Coltekin (abstract, poster, slide)
  6. A frequency e-dictionary of Albanian language - Manjola Lumani Zaçellari (abstract, poster, slide)
  7. Formalising Multilingual Verbal MultiWord Expressions to Support Neural Machine Translation - Maria Pia Di Buono, Johanna Monti (abstract, poster, slide)
  8. A Ukrainian-Russian Code-Switching Corpus of Ukrainian Parliamentary Sessions Transcripts - Maria Shvedova, Olha Kanishcheva (abstract, poster, slide)
  9. A Universal Multilingual Data Matrix for Human Reference and NLP – Description and Early Implementation - Martin Benjamin, Jérôme Bâton (abstract, poster, slide)
  10. Romanian Inherently Adpositional Verbs (IAVs) - Mihaela Cristescu, Verginica Mititelu (abstract, poster, slide)
  11. The LiLa Knowledge Base as a Reference Model for Interoperability between Linguistic Resources - Flavio Massimiliano Cecchini, Marco Passarotti (abstract, poster, slide)
  12. A digital text collection of Tundra Nenets - Nikolett Mus (abstract, poster, slide)
  13. Valency as a mediator between grammar and lexicon: integrated annotation of verb valencies in Bulgarian through knowledge transfer from English resources - Petya Osenova, Kiril Simov (abstract, poster, slide)
  14. Testing Rigidity of MWEs - Radovan Garabík (abstract, poster, slide)
  15. Multilingual Domain Ontologies of Rhetorical Figures and Their Applications - Ramona Kühn, Jelena Mitrović (abstract, poster, slide)
  16. Autogramm: Simultaneous development of treebanks and corpus-driven grammars - Santiago Herrera, Kim Gerdes, Bruno Guillaume, Sylvain Kahane (abstract, poster, slide)
  17. IDION: VMWE documenting web-enviroment addressed to the human user and NLP. Application to Greek and Pomak VMWEs. - Stella Markantonatou, Kyriaki Salveridou, Antonis Balas Balas, Dimitrios Karamatskos, Nicolaos Valeontis, George Pavlidis (abstract, poster, slide)
  18. RoDia Corpus: Fostering Language Diversity in One Corpus - Victoria Bobicev, Cătălina Mărănduc (abstract, poster, slide)
  19. Aranea Web-Crawled Corpora: A Source of Diverse and Unified Language Data for NLP - Vladimír Benko (abstract, poster, slide)
  20. Transitions all the Way Down: From Characters to Full Document Annotation in One System - Yuval Pinter, Miryam de Lhoneux (abstract, poster, slide)

Selected but withdrawn

  1. Features of Annotation of Verb Complements in Different Stages and Varieties of Armenian - Anna Danielyan
  2. Annotation of syntactic structures and compilation of Georgian TreeBank - Irina Lobzhanidze
  3. Multiword Expressions - Muhammet Yaşar Yüzlü
  4. Assessing the impact of Speech and Language Technology on language vitality and diversity - Claudia Soria
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