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UniDive deliverables

This page lists the UniDive deliverables, as defined in the Memorandum of Understanding.

  1. A scientific publication describing measures of inter- and intra-linguistic diversity in language resources and tools.
  2. Unified, enhanced and enlarged versions of existing annotation guidelines for lexical features, morphology, syntax and MWEs, together with the criteria for applying these unified guidelines to specific languages.
  3. Centralized documentation of the nationally funded software infrastructures coordinated in WG1 and WG4, to support universality and diversity in language resources.
  4. Centralized documentation of unified file formats and conventions for corpora and lexica.
  5. Centralized documentation of (new or enhanced) annotated corpora for at least 100 languages.
  6. Documentation of prototypes of NLP-applicable lexica of MWEs and idiosyncratic constructions.
  7. Centralized documentation of multilingual and cross-lingual NLP tools (§ coordinated in WP3: syntactic and semantic parsers, MWE discovery tools, MWE identifiers, prototypes of identifiers of idiosyncratic constructions.
  8. Diversity benchmarks for NLP: diversity-driven evaluation scenarios for NLP resources and tools; infrastructure for evaluation campaigns of NLP tools; evaluation results of at least 2 evaluation campaigns and focused on inter/intra-linguistic diversity in 100 languages.
  9. Website: describing the Action’s organisation, and gathering the links to its events and outcomes.
  10. Other dissemination material: reports from STSMs; material from training schools; proceedings of workshops; joint papers in Open Access journals, conferences and books; dissemination material dedicated to a large audience (e.g., demonstrations of tools and Wikipedia entries about diversity in NLP, MWEs and idiosyncratic constructions, and interesting syntactic phenomena).
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