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UniDive Grant Holder

The Grand Holder Institution for UniDive is the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

The whole annual budget of the Action is transferred to an officially selected institution called the Grant Holder.

Budget expenditure is based on the yearly Work & Budget Plan negociated by the MC Chair and the COST Office and voted by the MC. Meeting, STSM, local organization and other costs are covered directly by the participants and then reimbursed via the e-COST system.

The Grant Holder's tasks include:

  • managing and coordinating the Action's scientific activities;
  • production of scientific reports;
  • preparation of documentation for meetings;
  • collection and archiving of reimbursement-related documents;
  • archiving MC decisions;
  • financial reporting.

See the Annotated Rules for COST Actions for more details.

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