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Following the UniDive MC vote on 23 Sept 2022:

  • The UniDive leadship is in the hands of the Core Group (CG) consisting of 10 members: the Action's Chair, Vice-Chair, GH Scientific Representative, WG leaders, Grant Awarding Coordinator, Science Communication Coordinator, and YRI Representative.
  • Additionally to day-to-day management of the Action, the following rights and powers of the MC are delegated the Core Group:
    • Approving/refusing WG applications
    • Selecting event participants who will be reimbursed
    • Adjusting the location and dates of activities (in close consultation with the Local Organizer)

The UniDive Extended Core Group includes, additionally to the Core Group members, also the WG co-leaders, the Science Communication Vice-Coordinator and the Grant Awarding Vice-Coordinator.

All names and contacts are to be found at the official COST page.

See also the list of past and upcoming (Extended) Core Group meetings.

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