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UniDive - How to contribute

I have recently joined UniDive. How can I contribute to the Action?

Like any COST action, UniDive is meant to bring a networking added value to nationally funded research. Its main objective is to reconcile language diversity with rapid progress in language technology.
You can concretely contribute to working towards this objective by:

  • Joining ongoing tasks, coordinated by Working Groups
  • Creating or enhancing language resources and/or tools, especially for low-resourced languages

The following instructions might help you find a way to contribute:

1. Ongoing tasks
Each of the Working Groups in UniDive has several ongoing tasks. They are all documented at the WG pages. You can join most of these tasks, depending on your interest.
For some tasks, pre-requisites are necessary to be able to contribute efficiently:
- Tasks 1.1 and 1.3: You should be familiar with morpho-syntactic corpus annotation
- Task 1.4: You should be familiar with at least some tools for corpus annotation and query
- Task 2.2: Your language should have a repository of word senses (e.g. WordNet)
- Task 2.3: Your language should have at least one lexicon of multiword expressions (idioms)
Tasks 1.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2 can be joined with no prerequisite.

2. Ongoing calls for participation
The following tasks are currently calling for concrete contribution:
- Task 3.1.1 on Multilingual documentation
- Creating new UD treebanks (annotated for morpho-syntax), even small, for the languages you know, especially low-resourced ones, maybe with help from your students/colleagues
- Creating a new PARSEME corpus (annotated for multiword expressions) for a language of which your are a (near-)native speaker

3. Training
To contribute to UD or PARSEME corpora, you can start with the material from the UniDive webinar.
The 1st UniDive training school on 8-12 July 2024 will further develop these skills. Call for expression of interest will be published in April 2024.

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