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UniDive Short Term Scientific Missions

Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are funded exchange visits aimed at contributing to the scientific objectives of UniDive and fostering collaboration between participants in the COST action. Scientists and researchers who are members of UniDive can visit an institution or laboratory located in a country other than their country of affiliation, learn new techniques and gain access to specific data, instruments and/or methods not available in their own institutions/organisations.


The duration of an STSM is normally from 5 working days to maximum 3 months and should not overlap across two consecutive Grant Periods. It can be extended to the maximum of 6 months for Early Stage Researchers, that is, PhD students or scientists with no more than 8 years of experience after their PhDs.

Financial support

The financial support available via the STSM scheme is awarded to individuals and can be up to EUR 4 000,00 per grant. It is intended to contribute towards the travel and subsistence cost of a STSM but not to cover employment or all costs. Final decisions on the grants are based on the applicant’s request and reflect the costs induced by the duration and location of the STSM.

Calls for applications

Calls for STSM applications will be regularly published over UniDive’s duration. Please, check the STSM calls page and the unidive-all mailing list.

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