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1st UniDive training school

  • Event title: 1st UniDive training school
  • Location: Chișinău, Moldova (relocated from Jerusalem, Israel)
  • Date: 8-12 July 2024
  • Local Organizers: Victoria Bobicev & Olesea Caftanatov

More photos from day 1

Courses and training material

Latest news

The following input is available:

Prerequisites for the courses:

  • instructions about how to prepare the prerequisites for the courses
  • Github repository (it will be gradually updated with the training material)



Call for participating and results:


Location and directions

Location: The tutorials, practical sessions and other school activities will take place at the Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics Faculty, Technical University of Moldova, see faculty building on the map.

Local information

  • Please, be aware that Moldova is not in European Union yet.
  • Local currency in Moldova is Moldovan leu, it costs roughly 5 euro cents rate. You can change some cash in the airport; in some cases, you have to pay cash, for example in local transport.
  • Your European mobile cards will be in roaming in Moldova, be careful to check how much it will cost you to call or use mobile internet. Fortunately, you can often catch wifi in the airport, at the University, in café, etc.
  • Moldova follows Eastern European Summer Time, 3 hours ahead from the UTC universal time.


  • There is only one airport in Moldova: Chisinau airport. Plenty of air companies are flying to Chisinau: Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish companies, WizzAir, LOT Polish airlines, Eurowings, HiSky, FlyUp and some others. We have to warn you to be cautious with FlyOne company, it often change or cancel their flights.
  • You can use taxi from the airport although the taxi drivers that are waiting there and catching arriving people ask for much higher price than if you call a taxi using an app. If you want to save some money, you can use the trolleybus number 30 that stops right in front of airport building and will take you straight to the city center. The only problem with this trolleybus that it goes every half an hour; so you have to wait.
  • In the city buses and trolleybuses you pay directly in the transport, it costs 6 lei, around 30 cents. You can use Google maps or EasyWay app to navigate using local transport.
  • Taxi is comparatively cheap; you can use hip taxi to call a taxi for example although there are other taxi apps like Letz or Yandex Go.


There are many hotels in the Chisinau city; you can use, or to book one. Unfortunately, there are not hotels close to the school venue. The closest one we recommend is Insitutul Muncii Hotel. Other hotels are:

Also there are many possibilities to rent an apartment close to the school venue, for example:

The cheapest accommodation is in the university dormitories next to the faculty building but most of them has been offered to the refugees from Ukraine and they are still living there. If you intend to book the room in the dormitory write directly to organizers ( but be aware that the price is really low (5 euro/day) but the conditions are frugal.

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