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UniDive 2nd WG3 meeting

  • Event title: UniDive 2nd Working Group 3 meeting
  • Location: Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Dates: 8 September 2023

Purpose and Organisation of the Meeting

This meeting is dedicated to UniDive WG3 and will focus on the coordination and documentation of multilingual (including cross-lingual) language technology tools of relevance to UniDive. More specifically, we will try to make progress on the two initial subtasks identified at the WG3 meeting in Paris-Saclay in March 2023:

  1. A taxonomy of multilingual language technology
  2. An infrastructure for (documentation of) multilingual language technology

The first task is about defining the scope of the area through a multidimensional taxonomy, where some of the dimensions could be tasks (parsing, MWE identification, etc.), languages (where our focus is on supporting diversity), type of multilinguality (multilingual, cross-lingual, poly-monolingual, etc.), and users (NLP researchers, linguists, etc.). The second task is about how to implement the documentation in a way that is sustainable over time and that links to existing projects and frameworks (such as CLARIN and ELG) in order to avoid reduplication of effort.

To prepare for the meeting, a task force of volunteers led by Seza Dogruoz, Kristina Kocijan and Teresa Lynn will begin investigating these tasks with a focus on the European Language Grid (ELG) as a possible framework to base our taxonomy and infrastructure on.

The meeting will also provide time for discussion of other activities in WG3, including multilingual evaluation campaigns. In order to create a momentum within the whole Action around this event, online meetings for Working Groups 1, 2 and 4 will take place close to this date. In addition, there will be a parallel onsite meeting for a subgroup of WG1 devoted to Turkish treebanks.


To be announced.


If you are selected by the Core Group to get reimbursement for the meeting, please accept the invitation that will be sent to you via e-COST before the meeting. After the meeting, fill in the reimbursement form that will be available online via the e-COST system and upload all relevant signed documents, as indicated in the reimbursement form. Before making any arrangements PLEASE READ general rules for the reimbursement described in the COST Annotated Rules, Annex A1-3.1 TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT RULES. External members (who have not received the e-COST invitation) can also participate freely but will not be reimbursed for their travel and stay. Those external members should also fill in the registration form.

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