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UniDive 1st call for STSM proposals (year 2, round 2)

UniDive COST Action is pleased to announce a call for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) applications.

The goal of the UniDive COST Action is to build a network of researchers, practitioners, and experts who take on an important challenge posed by the booming domain of natural language processing (NLP): to account for and foster both inter- and intra-language diversity. To this end, UniDive will be making available a number of Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) over its duration.

STSMs are funded exchange visits aimed at strengthening the existing research network and fostering collaboration between participants in the COST action. Scientists and researchers who are members of UniDive can visit an institution or laboratory located in a country other than their country of affiliation, learn new techniques and gain access to specific data, instruments and/or methods not available in their own institutions/organisations.

Candidates can find a host institution either through personal search or through the published STSM hosting proposals.

The duration of an STSM is normally from 5 calendar days to 3 months and should not overlap across two consecutive Grant Periods. For this round of applications, approved STSMs will end before early October 2024.

Please note that the financial support available via the STSM scheme is awarded to individuals and can be up to EUR 4 000,00 per grant. It is intended to contribute towards the travel and subsistence cost of a STSM but not to cover employment or all costs. Final decisions on the grants are based on the applicant’s request and reflect the costs induced by the duration and location of the STSM.

Applications are submitted via the e-COST portal using the dedicated forms available. The content of the application shall include a title, start and end date, budget requested by the applicant, information about the host institution and contact person as well as a description of the goals of the STSM, the work to be carried out by the applicant, expected outcomes and the contribution to the UniDive objectives (you can use the STSM application template). A confirmation from the intended host institution in receiving the applicant is required.

Please, note that a written report must also be submitted via e-COST upon the completion of the STSM.

For more information on the STSMs, see the Annotated Rules for Cost Actions: Annex2. For more information on the application procedure, please consult the Grant Awarding User Guide. For inspiration, see the list of past STSMs.

Important dates for the 1st call:

  • Call publication: 17th March 2024
  • Application deadline: 7th May, 2024
  • Notification: 14th May, 2024
  • STSM dates: October 2024 at the latest

Please note that a last-minute call for STSM proposals may be issued in August 2024, depending on whether we have funds left after the training school in July.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,

Nurit Melnik ( & Stella Markantonatou (
STSM coordinators of UniDive COST action.

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