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The fourth WG meeting (online) was mainly devoted to reports from two subgroups, followed by discussion.

Multilingual Evaluation Campaigns

Omer Goldman made a progress report on the morpho-syntactic analyso-parsing task and presented a data definition document that will be shared with WG members shortly. [ Worksheet ]

Discussion points:

  1. How do the representations relate to current UD guidelines? They contradict UD guidelines in some respects (notably with respect to words as central units) but should remain compatible with them in most other respects.
  2. What tools can be used to create the representations? Udapi was recommended as a good tool for manipulating UD resources.
  3. What evaluation metrics should be used? MLAS is a metric used in the CoNLL shared tasks that includes both morphology and syntax, but it may have to be adapted.

Defining Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Tools

Adriana Pagano and Ilan Kernerman presented plans for a subgroup on defining multilingual and cross-lingual tools in the context of UniDive [ Slides ].

Discussion points:

  1. Similar issues are being discussed in WG4, where a survey of diversity measures is planned.
  2. What tasks will be in focus? Still to be decided.
  3. How does this task relate to the documentation task? This task focuses on defining the concepts, rather than documenting existing tools, but there is a need to coordinate the activities of the two subgroups.

List of Participants (from Zoom)

  • Joakim Nivre
  • Louis Estève
  • Tanja Samardzic
  • Vladimir Cvetkoski
  • Martin Benjamin
  • Atul Kr. Ojha
  • Maria Giagkou (ILSP, Athena RC)
  • Csilla Horváth
  • Radovan Garabík
  • Omer Goldman
  • Leonie Weissweiler
  • Reut Tsarfaty
  • Verena Blaschke
  • Doğukan Arslan
  • Fatih Bektaş
  • Tuğba Pamay Arslan
  • Lucía Amorós-Poveda (University of Murcia, Spain)
  • Inguna Skadiņa
  • Olha Kanishcheva
  • Nataliia Cheilytko (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany)
  • Rob van der Goot
  • Sviatlana Karpava
  • Evelin Amorim
  • Tunga Gungor
  • Miryam de Lhoneux
  • Dan Zeman
  • Vivian Stamou
  • Adriana Pagano
  • Harald Hammarström
  • Ilan Kernerman
  • Teresa Lynn
  • Danka Jokić
  • Enriketa Sogutlu
  • Roberto A. Díaz Hernández
  • Nina Böbel
  • Ranka Stanković
  • Federica Gamba
  • Rusudan Makhachashvili
  • Agata Savary
  • Gosse Bouma
  • Luka Terčon
  • Mücahit Altıntaş
  • Verginica Mititelu
  • Serge Sharoff
  • Artur Kulmizev
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