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Minutes from the fifth WG meeting (online)

Call for Co-Authoring a Survey Book Chapter

Verginica Mititelu presented a book project on using lexical resources for MWE-aware NLP task. It is a volume to be published in the series Phraseology and Multiword Expressions (PMWE) at Language Science Press, edited by Verginica Barbu Mititelu and Voula Giouli. Topics:

  • Synergies between Lexicography and NLP in view of MWE identification and discovery
  • MWE lexicons in NLP tasks (identification, parsing, machine translation, etc.) – limitations and possibilities
  • Automatic discovery of newly coined MWEs or new variants of existing MWEs

This is a call for co-authors of a chapter in the form of a survey about the use of MWE lexicons in NLP tasks.

  • Timeline: first draft: end of April
  • Volume to be sent to the publishers: June
  • Contact:, by 1 February 2024

Reports from Subtask Groups

  • Documentation of multilingual tools and resources (Teresa Lynn, Maria Giagkou) [ Presentation ]
  • Evaluation campaign: morphosyntactic parsing (Omer Goldman)

Plans for the Naples Meeting

On Day 3 of the Naples Meeting (February 9), there will be two joint WG meetings (one with WG1 and one with WG4) and one exclusive WG3 meetings. If you have ideas for topics, contact Joakim and Gülşen.

List of Participants

  • Joakim Nivre (chair)
  • Gülşen Eryiğit (co-chair)
  • Hiwa Asadpour
  • Roberto Antonio Díaz Hernández
  • Louis Estève
  • Malahov Ludmila
  • Maria Giagkou
  • Verginica Mititelu
  • Doğukan Arslan
  • Nelda Kote
  • Enriketa Sogutlu
  • Luka Terčon
  • Verena Blaschke
  • Tanja Samardzic
  • Tuğba Pamay Arslan
  • Leonie Weissweiler
  • Nina Böbel
  • Dilara Torunoğlu Selamet
  • Dan Zeman
  • Radovan Garabík
  • Rusudan Makhachashvili
  • Agata Savary
  • Tunga Güngör
  • Flavio Massimiliano Cecchini (only shortly, unfortunately)
  • Federica Gamba
  • Alina Wróblewska
  • Claudia Corbetta
  • Furkan Akkurt
  • Omer Goldman
  • Reut Tsarfaty
  • Martin Benjamin
  • Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
  • Gosse Bouma
  • Vivian Stamou
  • Inguna Skadiņa (only from 11.30)
  • Adriana Pagano
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